Join a Group of Creative Spirits at Riverside County News and Information

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Arts and Entertainment

Riverside, California, is home to many creative souls who live for live theater performances, costume design, stage makeup, backstage work and all that comes with being in the presence of such raw and unbridled talent. Join a group of dedicated and creative spirits here at Riverside County News and Information.

Support for a Fun & Rewarding Arts Program Serving Riverside County is Strong

Inhabitants of the Riverside County region have the opportunity to get involved in an exciting and rewarding creative arts program that assists young people and the disabled from all around this area. A thriving and upbeat Riverside County News and Information publication offers hands-on skills training for people diagnosed with developmental problems working together with people in the program interested in performing arts and other related job positions.

This is an outstanding program that benefits both the founding members, the young people involved in the program, members of the community who have learning disabilities and the wider community network at the same time.

Helping People with Autism & Other Developmental Issues Learn Job Skills

This inclusive opportunity for members of this highly regarded creative arts training program brings together people from all walks of life who share a common interest in media-based careers and creative fine arts productions.

This program attracts young people who desire to pursue a career working in some aspect of the news, performance and entertainment industries taught and mentored by already successful professionals in the business.

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