How Social Security Disability Attorneys in Missouri Help Their Clients

When one has a physical or mental impairment that makes it difficult to work, they might apply for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are available to qualified individuals who’ve paid into the Social Security Administration’s federal program through income tax deductions through payroll deductions. Most people begin the application process for benefits themselves without consulting with Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri and this often proves to a big mistake. Here’s why.

The Application Is Complex

Given the fact that one can apply for benefits over the phone, online, or in-person, it might seem like it’s a straightforward application process. It’s not. Most applications are denied and go straight into the appeals process. The denials come in many forms, but they’re often the result of the applicant not providing enough medical evidence to support their claim.

Once a person is denied and they file an appeal, the process becomes even more complicated. Handling the appeals process without a qualified Social Security disability attorney in Missouri by one’s side isn’t advised.

Social Security Attorneys Know the System

Consulting with an attorney who handles SSDI cases before applying doesn’t guarantee approval, but it does guarantee one will make the strongest case for themselves. Attorneys know what medical evidence and documentation that needs to go along with one’s application and they ensure the paperwork is filled out precisely.

Residents interested in filing for SSDI need to consult with Social Security disability attorneys in Missouri. Do this by contacting Grundy Disability Group LLC online and set up a consultation.

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