Is Filing a Disability Claim Right for You?

There are many people living in the country today that qualify for disability benefits. This can be a welcome relief for the disabled party unable to work and even their family members that might depend on their usual income. There are strict rules, medical criteria and laws that govern all of the many variations of disability benefits, and these laws and requirements can differ from one state to the next. If you or someone you love suffers from a medical, mental health or other type of condition, it pays to have a case review consultation with seasoned disability lawyers in Chicago who know the inner workings of how this process works.

Many disabled individuals are still able to work at some type of job. There are rules that the government agencies use to determine specific disability eligibility requirements, and every case is different. To find out if filing a disability claim is right for you, contact the respected local disability lawyers in Chicago to schedule your no-cost consultation appointment right away. Having the trusted legal advice from qualified attorneys trained and incredibly knowledgeable regarding all of the complex disability laws, filing processes and determination factors can make a huge difference.

While someone confined to a wheelchair may seem like an obvious case for being eligible for disability benefits, other disabilities are not so readily apparent yet can still render the afflicted person unable to work for a meaningful wage. Some examples are post traumatic stress disorder, uncontrolled bipolar disorder, autoimmune diseases, endocrine diseases and learning disabilities. Even if the disabled person is able to work part time, they may be qualified for some monetary assistance if their income levels and assets meet the current state requirements. Contact Jeffery A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. to speak with professionals, or visit

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