Opt For The Car Tracking Devices And Get Utmost Security

The car tracking devices are basically composed of an electronic device which is to be installed inside the vehicle, makes use of a computer software which enables the owner to track the vehicle’s location at any particular moment of time. These devices generally make use of the GPS technology.

There are two types of tracking such as active and passive tracking. The passive devices store the GPS location, speed and events such as open or closed door. After the vehicle is returned to its predetermined point, the device is removed and the data is downloaded to the computer for evaluation. The active devices work in the same fashion as the passive devices but the difference is that they transmit the data in real time.

Now coming to the architecture, the GPS based tracking system consists of GPS tracking device, GPS tracking server, user interface. The GPS tracking device gets fitted inside the vehicle and stores the vehicle information such as fuel amount, engine temperature, tire pressure, battery status, engine RPM, throttle position and much more. Secondly, the GPS tracking server has three responsibilities such as receiving data from the GPS tracking unit, storing the information and sending it to the owner on demand. The user interface is important and determines the fact that how the information can be accessed etc.

You can get the world tracker GPRS extreme real time tracker by visiting the Website. This is an active type of tracker which provides real time updates every 15 seconds. The entire functioning of the GPS unit is very small as a set of car keys. The Tri-band world tracker GPRS provides global real time tracking capabilities. The geofence feature of the tracker sends alert, in case the target moves from the target area. It is equipped with tri-band GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz for worldwide coverage.

You can get peace of mind and feel utmost security, if you opt for car tracking devices and GPRS extreme real time tracker. For more information visit us at Safety Basement!

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