5 Reasons to Use Inbound Telemarketing Services


A report published in February 2011 by Hubspot, a marketing software company based in Massachusetts, revealed that inbound telemarketing dominated organizations experienced a cost per lead 62% lower than outbound telemarketing dominated organizations. Inbound telemarketing services are interlinked with advertising, publicity and sales support personnel, thus making it an integral part of any organization’s sales division. Inbound customer service is extremely important since it is the customer who takes the initiative to call up the firm and learn more about its products and services.

How Inbound Telemarketing Services Can Increase Your Sales

There are essentially five ways in which inbound telemarketing services can boost sales:

1.   Targeted Approach

Unlike traditional forms of marketing where companies contact customers irrespective of their interests; inbound telemarketing services are more focused on customer choices. A customer who calls up the company to inquire about its products and services is already interested and needn’t be bogged down by a lengthy sales pitch. Such customers want crisp and concise details.

2.   Cost

These services are cheaper than traditional marketing services. Your company would also save money on infrastructure and operational costs, thus increasing your financial savings. A provider of Inbound IVR services can also integrate voice based solutions, thereby reducing the need to utilize human intervention repeatedly. Inbound IVR requires sophisticated software that can assess customer needs and solve them independently. Revenue expenditure can be further reduced through inbound IVR integration.

3.   Results

Inbound telemarketing services provide better results since the customer already has an idea about the products and services offered by the company. Inbound customer services are usually preceded by advertisements, publicity and interaction with sales personnel.

4.   Quality

Outbound telemarketing is more often than not interruption based. The company contacts prospective customers ‘interrupting’ their daily work process, leading to a decline in call to client conversion ratios. Inbound services are permission based service since the client has taken out time to contact the company. This increases the client conversion ratio. Quality processes are the backbone of the latter since the customer comes first for every organization.

5.   People

“A business absolutely devoted to client service excellence will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large”, said Sir Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company. Inbound services are customer centric business processes. Since it is people who choose your products, it is essential that they are given the best inbound customer services.

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