Reasons to Hire a Landlord Attorney NYC

Any experienced landlord attorney in NYC can tell you that there are many reasons for hiring them, but the main reason is to protect yourself from legal repercussions that may arise for which you might not be aware. Many legal aspects of the rental contract can become a hindrance when you do not have the proper legal assistance. Beginning with the type of contract that you use and ending with the possible eviction of a tenant, the professional expertise is the best reason to hire the landlord attorney.

Security deposits are common issues that might require the help of the landlord attorney in NYC, if that is where the home is located. Retaining a monetary amount as a security deposit is very wise for your own protection. It protects you from losing a lot of money on repairs, for example, if the tenant has damaged anything on the premises. There are also times when the tenant will leave without paying one of their months rent and having the security deposit will allow you to still pay the mortgage while searching for the next tenant to take over the payments.

There is a stipulation for repairs and maintenance for such damages that your tenant would be held responsible. Following your guidelines in the contract, the tenant must keep the property safe and clean. There should also be proper disposal of trash and debris on and around the property. Your job as their landlord will require monthly visits to the property to ensure the rules are being followed. It is also your job, by law, to provide the tenants with inhabitable housing, following the highest safety standards and performing timely maintenance, when it is necessary.

Every landlord should already know the importance of the eviction process and staying legal within that area. An attorney that has experience in the eviction progression can assist you in filing the correct paperwork and following the proper chain of procedures to evict your tenant. You cannot just tell them to leave whenever you want to, you will need to follow the lawyer’s instructions for which path to take according to the law.

When the tenant violates any of the preset conditions and responsibilities, the landlord attorney in NYC might recommend that a letter of eviction be sent to them with the violations listed. In the case of damages, an additional suit may be brought against the tenant to recoup the repair costs that you will have to pay to fix the things that were broken. When you have an eviction suit in court, the attorney will advise you of your rights before attending. Your attorney will keep you abreast of rules and regulations that protect you and your property. It is advantageous to hire a professional before you need one, like anything else, it is better to be safe, than sorry.

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