Removing Rust From Metal Torsion Springs And Additional Repairs Made By A Garage Door Company In Bec

If a garage door’s torsion springs have a rusted surface, it may be difficult to open and close a door. Rust spots can also contribute to increasing the amount of noise a door makes when it is being moved. The following steps can be used to eliminate rust from springs and protect them from additional damage.


 * stepladder

 * drop cloths

 * rust-dissolving gel

 * foam brush

 * thin paintbrush

 * sponge with the abrasive surface

 * the metal cleaning agent

 * soft cloth

 * rust-inhibiting spray

 * dust mask

Eliminating Rust From Springs

After a garage door is closed, a stepladder needs to be set up in a garage’s interior next to the portion of the door where the springs are located. Covering a garage’s flooring with drop cloths will prevent rust flakes, rust-dissolving gel, or inhibiting spray from coming into contact with it. Gel needs to be applied in an even layer on rusted surfaces. After a few minutes have passed, rust will begin to disintegrate. A sponge that has an abrasive surface can be wiped across metal to help loosen rust. More gel may need to be added to springs if rusted areas are thick.

Cleaning Springs And Apply A Protective Layer

Any excess gel can be removed from metal with a clean sponge. A metal cleaning agent that has been sprayed onto a soft cloth needs to be wiped over metal to eliminate any traces of rust that remain. A clean, dry cloth should be used afterward to eliminate any metal cleaner that remains. Applying an even coat of inhibiting spray on metal will prevent corrosion from becoming an issue in the future. An inhibiting spray will form a protective barrier that will prevent moisture from coming into contact with metal. Before an inhibiting spray is applied, a dust mask should be placed over the nose and mouth of the person completing the application process. A mask will protect an individual from breathing in harsh fumes. Once the inhibiting spray has been applied, it will need time to dry. During this time, a garage door should remain closed. If any other problems with a garage door are encountered in the future, a Garage Door Company in Beckley WV can be contacted in order to have necessary repairs made or to have parts replaced. Garage Door Operators Inc. or a similar Garage Door Company in Beckley WV provide services to home and business owners.

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