Tips to Hiring a Vehicle Accident Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD

After an accident, it is helpful to contact a Vehicle Accident Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD. The injured party does not have to worry about associated costs, which are usually paid by the opposing insurance company. When a person gets past the initial shock of an accident, the injured party has to ensure that any damages are taken care of by the insurance company.

Questions that quickly arise

  • Lawyer or no lawyer?

  • Is a lawyer helpful or not?

  • Does the insurance company have to pay the lawyer or will you bear the costs yourself?

  • Are the damages from an accident replaced faster with the help of an attorney?


In principle, a vehicle accident law attorney in Upper Marlboro MD can only be helpful when trying to obtain compensation for his or her client. This is because:

  • The lawyer is on the side of the plaintiff, the insurance (which must pay the damage) is not.

  • The lawyer advises the injured party independently after a traffic accident and only in the interest of the injured party.

  • The lawyer is extremely helpful when it comes to identifying all claims regarding any type of compensation.

  • The lawyer knows the pitfalls associated with traffic law and knows how insurance companies operate.

  • The lawyer does not get paid by the injured party unless that is covered beforehand. In fact, the opposing insurance has to pay the plaintiff.

  • A lawyer also handles other tasks, for example, communicating with the insurance company, other lawyers, etc.

With the help of an attorney, the injured party gets the compensation they deserved faster than they would if they decided to take on the task themselves.

Lawyer versus loss management

In addition to the many advantages already mentioned, a lawyer is extremely helpful after an accident, especially in direct comparison with insurance claims. When it comes to claims management or active loss management, the insurance companies designate a package of measures to save the company money at the expense of the injured party. Essentially, this amount is designed to be as low as possible and may only cover a certain portion of expenses lost. Contact The Valente Law Group to learn more.

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