Replacing Several Teeth with Dental Implants

There are many reasons one may lose several teeth, including periodontal disease or some type of accident or injury. For people who are missing several teeth, dental implants make a beautiful and natural looking replacement for roots and natural teeth.

There are several advantages of having dental implants over dentures to replace the loss of several teeth. One advantage is that the dental implant method does not require support for the surrounding natural teeth. Also, because the dental implant supports tooth roots, the bone will be better preserved. If you had dentures or even partial dentures, the bone could deteriorate over time. Dental implants will naturally integrate with the existing jaw bone structure and help preserve the integrity and health of the bone.

You will find that over time, you will become comfortable with the dental implants in Salisbury NC you receive from your dental implant specialist. There will be no visible defect, as there can be with a fixed bridge or partial denture. With dentures or even partial dentures, you could be left with an imperfect smile. Also, if you have bridges, the cement holdings can erode over time and allow bacteria in that will cause tooth decay. With dentures, it may also be difficult to eat certain foods.

How does the dental implant procedure work to replace several teeth? You will have implants, similar to screws inserted into the jaw. After this, you will have to heal for up to six months while the bone and implant bonds together and forms an anchor. You may have the option to have temporary tooth replacements inserted during the time it will take to heal.

The next part of the procedure is where the extensions are attached to the implants. They are small metal posts which will form a foundation where your new teeth will be inserted. Before this procedure, you will have to allow time for your gums to heal. This will take at least a couple of weeks.

In some cases, dental implants for multiple teeth will not require this step. It may be possible for the implants to be placed at the same time as the extensions. You should check with your dental implant specialist to see if this procedure is possible for you.

After you have properly healed, your dentist will create your replacement teeth and attach them. Once the procedure has been completed, people will have a hard time guessing that you have dental implants. You will again enjoy the luxury of having a beautiful smile. To learn more about Dental Implants Toronto, contact a specialist to discuss the possibility of restoring either one tooth or multiple teeth.

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