Save Money with Carrier Hybrid Systems

Carrier has been a brand leader in heating and cooling systems all over the world. In 1926, it was the first company to launch the first home air conditioner using gas fuel. In 1959, it introduced air conditioning in the passenger cabins for the jet liners of that era – the Douglas DC-8. The brand is still a global leader in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems, introducing newer technologies to save money and make products more environment-friendly. Carrier was always ahead of its times! It had already developed its energy-saving heat pump way back in 1932 to counter the later effects of the oil crisis. The more efficient heating systems in vogue today are the hybrid systems. The hybrid (dual) system operates on gas and electric, it will automatically choose the fuel source that is more efficient for your home and switch heat sources, offering constant heating and savings in fuel costs.

Carrier also patented the use of pumps using Puron in their range of high-efficiency residential air conditioners. The top-class range of home products from this prestigious brand is meant to enhance comfort and fuel-efficiency. The ‘infinity air purifier’ not only filters air for dust but traps harmful pathogens and bacteria, virus and molds making the air pure, and completely free from dust and germs. This patented technology kills the pathogens it traps.

The brand is renowned for its HVAC, heating and cooling systems. ‘Infinity 96’ Gas furnaces offer a very high efficiency rate of 96.6% AFUE and Ideal Humidity system. AFUE is a term used in short for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, a 96.6% AFUE indicates that more than 96.6% of the fuel is being converted into heat. Personalizing solutions is the best way to save on money and install the best product for your home. The sizing requirements of heating or cooling in your home may depend on the following features:

  • Square footage of your home space
  • Geographical location of your home
  • Insulation system
  • Window surface and arrangement
  • Duct sizing and configuration

Many other factors may also influence the size of heating or cooling system you would require for installation. In-home load analysis by your dealer might help determine the perfect size of the equipment that would best suit your home. To support its wide range of products, the Carrier brand has an extensive network of sales and service dealerships all over the US. Factory authorized Carrier HVAC dealers provide the best consults before installation and after-sales service for the products. North America has a great network of dealerships for Carrier. Oklahoma City has some great showrooms for the most modern products.

Carrier Oklahoma City – TS Heat and Air is Oklahoma’s largest Factory Authorized Dealer for Carrier. Oklahoma City residents can be assured of best quality service by trained technicians 24/7 from TS Heat and Air.

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