What Are The Main Differences Between AC And DC Electric Motors?

Every appliance that runs on electricity has electric motors inside. Such a machinery is there in your car, in lawn mower, washing machine, and even in a microwave. Sometimes faults with such appliances occur due to faulty motors inside. That is when you need to repair or replace the electric motors to make the appliances functional again. Do you have any idea how this machinery works? It basically works on the principle of electromagnetism. There are magnets inside the motors, which cause rotation. As you might know that in a magnet opposite poles attract and like poles repel. This perpetual attraction and repulsion of electromagnets (when electricity is switched on) cause the machinery to rotate. However rotation stops when there is some problem with the magnets or with some other mechanism inside the appliances. That is when you need to repair or replace motors.

If you are thinking of buying new electric motors, you should know that there are basically two types of these electromagnetic device available in the market – AC and DC. AC and DC electric motors are constructed differently. Therefore, while buying you should be sure of the type you require. Given below is a short discussion on differences between AC and DC electric motors –

  • In AC motors, electrons produced by electricity flows along alternating current. However, in DC ones, electrons basically flow along a direct current. This basically means that in DC machinery electricity flows forward but, in AC ones, electrons constantly switch directions and flow backward and forward alternatively. AC current can retain energy better than DC current. In addition to this, AC current enables transferral of different amounts of power, which is not possible in case of direct current.

  • In AC motors there are basically two parts – external stator and an internal rotor. The stator produces a rotating magnetic field, which provides a torque that the rotor receives. Depending on type of rotor used, AC electric motors can be divided into two different types – induction machinery and synchronous machinery. The induction machinery uses induced current to create a magnetic field on the rotor. However, the synchronous one does not rely on induced current. One of the main differences between these two types is that while the former can run slower or faster than frequency of electric current, the later rotates at the speed of current frequency. In comparison to that DC motors are made up of six components – rotor, axle, commutator, brushes, DC power supply, and a magnet. You can make a choice between brushed and brushless variety.

So, decide properly before buying electric motors. York is where a few of the reputed companies offer both the types of motors of different brands to choose from.



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