Some important Facts About Cataract

Is your family physician suspecting cataract in your eyes? You should not ignore what he (or she) is telling you. If you do not pay much attention to what you doctor is telling and do not get proper treatments, then you have to face a lot. You can even lose your eyesight. So, without making any delay you should get in touch with an eye specialist as soon as possible. However, before that you must do some homework about cataract.

What is cataract?

You must have seen a window, which is frosted due to rain or snowfall. Similarly, cataract is a development of clouding that envelop your eyes. The degree of opacity ranges from slight to complete. It is not painful, but still causes discomfort in vision.

Some of the common symptoms of cataract are given below:

* Painless, but blurred vision
* Sensitivity to light
* Poor night vision
* Double vision
* Difficulty while reading in dim light

Some misconceptions about cataract:

* It is a film over your eyes – in reality it’s not
* It occurs because of overwork or overuse of eyes –  it doesn’t.
* It spreads from one eye to the other – it does not.

Does cataract only occur in people who are older?

Most of the times, yes! However, it is not necessary all the time. Sometimes infants also develop this, which is known as congenital cataract.

Are there any kind of risks involved with cataract surgeries?

As with any other surgical procedure, such surgeries also have certain risks involved, but are not that serious and differs from one person to the other.

What are the post-surgery routine you should follow?

Some of the most common post-surgery restrictions you should follow:

* You should use the eye drops prescribed by your doctor.
* You should not rub your eyes.
* You should not press your eyes.
* You should avoid strenuous activities.
* You should wear glasses for protecting your eyes.

These are some of the most important facts you should know about cataract. Murfreesboro is one of those places where you will come across a number of eye specialists performing various cataract surgeries. However, you should go for a eye specialist who is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist as well as Fellow of the American College of Surgeons in order to get the best possible treatments. So, before it is too late, you should get in touch with an ophthalmologist practicing in your state.

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