SEO Myths Busted!

There are website owners who spend a lot of money for things which they can do without, or worse, can do themselves. There are certain myths associated with SEO and one needs to be updated with the latest bit of knowledge. When you are not working on the SEO, then regardless to say, no matter how great is your website, it will fall face first quickly without even you realizing that. Why be in such a dicey state? Here are the common misconceptions –

Website Submissions – OK! They were the in-thing 5 years back. But, not anymore. Companies still give in to this by actually spending a lot of money on giving others to ‘submit’ the website. Google now automatically indexes your website with time. This is a sure-shot money waster and you must stay away from giving in to the whims and fancies of the firms which tell you to do that.

Site-map – This was also necessary, but not anymore. These are things that Google doesn’t need anymore to rate a website. Crawlers and the algorithm have become a lot smarter and you need to focus on other issues instead.

Keyword stuffing – This is a strict-no-no. If you are not curbing this, then no matter how great your website it, Google will push it down whenever it finds out. You can run only that much in this case. Make sure that the meta tags and headlines are properly filled and the content is well written. This will ensure that Google crawlers will rate your page highly.

Big article, better chance – No one is able to prove that anymore. The popularity of your content depends solely on the kind of content that you have. A 150 word articles holds much better chance than a 1000 word article, if the content is rich. So, pay more attention to the content than the size.

Link building is enough – No! It’s just not enough! One needs to make sure that the website is crawler-friendly. Make sure that the CMS is perfect and aids crawlers to go through the content. Makes sure that the design doesn’t use any flash or has pictures with alt-tags missing. There are many who still tend to miss out on this basic fact.

In Miami, SEO companies are aplenty. Be sure to not go ahead with those who insist on doing the above stuffs, even for a ‘tiny amount’.


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