Starting Your Sports Memorabilia Collection

Collecting sports memorabilia is a popular hobby for many sports enthusiasts. As with any collection, what and how much you collect is a matter of personal preference. If you are interested in building your own collection of sports memorabilia, there are a few things to consider to create the collection that best fits your needs.


The specific sports memorabilia to include in your collection depends on personal taste. You may want to focus on a single favorite sport or include items from several sports, such as baseball, hockey, football, golf, NASCAR, basketball and other sports. Some people have an extensive collection of memorabilia related to a single sport, while others collect sports memorabilia from more than one sport or mix college and pro teams in one sport, such as football.


When collecting from a specific sport, the collection can be general or specific. For example, some fans collect memorabilia related to anything baseball, while others are more specific with the items they add to their collections, such as signed baseballs from favorite teams or baseball hats from every team or cards from all players in a specific year.


A content specific collection can be related to a specific time period, team or favorite player. Examples of content specific collections include things such as collecting memorabilia of the Philadelphia Phillies or the LA Lakers, or specific sports figures, such as Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods and building your collection around the favorite team or athlete.


Some collections have only autographed items, like a signed baseball, a signed football and a jersey. Signed sports memorabilia is quite a bit more expensive than collectibles that are not signed by players. The expense can limit what is added to your collection, or you can decide to include a mix of signed and unsigned items for a larger collection.


Other sports fans have entire collections of things, such as golf balls, sports jerseys for every member of their favorite team, hats from all their favorite teams or any other combination. The choice is personal and varies widely, depending on the preference of the individual collector. have an extensive collection of sports memorabilia related to every sport, including sought after autographed items such as boxing gloves, photos, jerseys and much more. All signed sports memorabilia is guaranteed to be authentic and shipping is free.

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