Support Israel Citizens so that they can Lead a Better Life

Israel has always been known to be one of the backward countries in the United States. This is mainly due to the fact that around 450,000 families of the population are below the poverty line and the percentage has increased tremendously over the years. There is acute shortage of funds too.


There are various charities that are present here and they have tried their best to provide assistance to the needy families. However, they have not been able to cope up with the huge number. They have introduced soup kitchens but most people feel a bit offended if they have to stand in line for food or any kind of assistance as it hampers their dignity.


On the contrary, the response to food cards has been phenomenal. The primary reason is that people don’t have to stand in line and thus they don’t feel exposed. Food cards also take care of the privacy of the individuals. The amount on the food card is set according to the family’s need.


However, a lot of people have tried to take advantage of the situation by posing as poor people and applying to various charities. Thus they have been provided assistance, which they did not really need. As a result of which, thousands of families were deprived of assistance that they actually required. That is why nowadays, when a family applies for assistance, a thorough cross checking is done so that their claim can be verified.


As a human being, don’t you want to support Israel, NJ? It is our responsibility to extend whatever little help we can in our own way so that at least one family don’t have to bear the pangs of starvation. You can donate a certain amount to a charity, which in turn will be added to the funds that have been allocated for food card programs.


If you don’t know how to go about the whole process, that is you don’t know how to support Israel, NJ via donations, just go online so that you can get detailed information regarding the different charities and the programs that are being offered. The websites list all the information and will be able to guide you as to how you can go ahead and make the donation. You have the choice to pay on a monthly basis if you wish to and the payment methods have been kept flexible for your convenience.

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