The 6 keys to motivation

The success of a company largely depend on group interaction and mutual cooperation among the employees and the manangement. If the employees are not responsive in group activities and fail to realize their individual importance in group activities, it might lead to failure of the whole program. Above all, individual performance and a pleasant work culture is of utmost importance in every office. Without a proper work culture in place, an employee gradually loses interest in work as well as, the ‘focus’ which certainly affects his/her performance. To incite confidence in the employees’ working abilities, an inspirational keynote must be delivered to the staff members from time to time. It will not only motivate the person to work better but also relieve  the stress and tension associated with meeting deadlines and managing crunch situations.
Here’s a brief look at the 6 key ways in which employees can be motivated :

1.Recognition: There’s no better way to motivate an employee than regonising his/her abilities at workplace. This may be in the form of a pay hike, or may even include an additional perk. Awarding a deserving candidate with mementos may turn out ‘real advantageous’ for companies. This little act of giving will inspire the person to perform better for the company in future. Further, this would motivate his/her colleagues to work better and  achieve similar feats in the future.

2.Coaching: When it comes to employee development programs, there’s no exception to a good coaching program for employees. In fact, with an effective skill development program in place the employees can update their skills and make themselves ‘competent’ to face any challenge in their respective domain. Further, employees who wish to build a good career look for jobs that offer them a scope for personal growth as well. Hence, a good coaching by the company itself will serve this end.

3.Applause on spot: This might sound a little cliched, but its importance is no less! Praising a deserving employee for any significant achievement made, like achieving a sales target or completing a client’s project before time, would certainly boost his/her morale. This in turn would  inspire other employees and would build up an overall – positive work atmosphere.

4.The Happiness factor: “Keep your employees happy”- This is one of the popular mantras of modern day employee management. The happier your company employees, higher would be the productivity graph. There are several ways to add to their happiness and it doesnot always include an increae in salary. The company can offer perks as well as additional benefits like – on-site child care, fooding, traveling, and tuition reimbursements for the employees and their kids. These  might look trivial but are effective factors as well.

5.Ensuring that employees share the company’s success: It is crucial to make the employees realise that they are ‘very much’ a part of the company. This can be done successfully by sharing the company’s profit eqaully among employees.

6.Introducing humor at workplace: Maintaining a good work atmosphere is crucial for the success of any organisation. Humor helps to relieve stress at the workplace. Keynote sessions by funny motivational speakers could certainly help in this regard.

Following the 6 keys to motivation, as mentioned above, will not only help big companies to boost their employee productivity but also small and medium sized business houses to maintain optimum production capacity.

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