The Importance Of Rehab Wheelchairs

by | Jul 6, 2011 | Health and Fitness

The most common device used in a hospital to help patients navigate from place to place is a wheelchair. Mostly in case of operations and major accidents, a  patient might become incapable of moving or walking. In such cases, wheelchairs are used to transport him to the places he needs to visit during the day. This would include the bathrooms, balconies, and the front porch. Until and unless the injuries are extensive and render him incapable of motion for a lifetime, the wheelchair is used only for the period of time that he needs to recover from the condition.


In an age when you have many smart wheelchair models in the market, there is a great deal of confusion as to what model to buy when somebody in your house needs it. Firstly, all the smart automated models are for those who are afflicted with long term paralysis and lack of  capability to move. So when there is a situation of illness that needs a wheelchair for only a short period of time in your house, then you must keep in mind that your investment should be as cost effective as possible.


There has been a huge amount of innovation and research in the working models of wheelchairs since the inception of smart wheelchairs in 1983. But would you need to purchase something as expensive as an automated model for the situation in your house? Well, as is evident, you need not take up the heavy load of investing a huge sum of money and can easily go for the low cost and traditional manual wheelchairs.


In fact, the manually operated models are also known as rehab wheelchairs. This is due to the simple reason that they are used mainly for patients who need them during the time of recouping from their condition of illness. So when you are going to buy a model that will be needed for a short duration of time, you must concentrate on purchasing the manual rehab types.


Main things you must keep in mind while purchasing a rehab wheelchair is the seating and positioning of the patient. The device chosen should have minimal internal friction. To be able to recognize which model scores high in all these points, you will need to take the suggestions of medical and therapeutic experts who handle wheelchair patients.


Thus, you need to have prior knowledge of the different models  available in the market and the best types suited for your patient. For this you will need to take the advice of professionals and therapists before the selecting from the wide range of rehab wheelchairs. Orange County residents need to concentrate on models that medically suit their patient the best, and is also cost effective.



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