The Advantages of Cremation Instead of Burial in Hayward, CA

While burying a body has long been the traditional process that takes place after death, cremation is very quickly getting a strong foothold in the funeral industry. Here are some advantages that cremation services Hayward, CA, has over burial services.


Compared to traditional burial costs, cremation is a far more inexpensive way to dispose of the remains. There is no need to pay for a casket, embalming services, or a plot in a cemetery. Simply pay for the cremation process and an urn and you are all set.

No Using Land

When creating a loved one after death, there is no using up precious resources such as land in the process. This means that lots of lands are not tied up when it could be used for more productive purposes. The urn with cremains can simply be kept at a family member’s home or in a small columbarium.


Many families report that the process of cremation services Hayward, CA, is much less stressful than the traditional process of burial. When a family member passes away, it can be a very traumatic and stressful time, especially if it occurs during the holidays or other special time for the family. By reducing this stress, the family is better able to cope with the passing and go on with their lives.

If you are in need of experienced cremation services, contact Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. They can tell you what your options are in regard to the different services which they offer.

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