The Basics Of Hiring A DUI Defense Lawyer

A defendant’s right to legal representation is included in the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution. If a defendant does not have the means to hire a lawyer, in most cases, the government will hire one for them. While the right to legal counsel is usually discussed in conjunction with criminal proceedings, suspects can hire a DUI Defense Lawyer at almost any part of the process.

How Does a Lawyer Help a Defendant During a Criminal Proceeding?

The defense lawyer plays a primary role in DUIs and other criminal cases. While the lawyer’s specific duties vary depending on the case’s circumstances and the type of charges the defendant is facing, their key responsibilities typically include:

     *     Advising criminal defendants of their legal rights and explaining what is to be expected at each stage of the criminal proceedings

     *     Ensuring the protection of the suspect’s constitutional rights, and making sure those rights aren’t violated during court proceedings or through law enforcement behavior

     *     Negotiating plea deals with government entities on behalf of criminal defendants

     *     From arrest to sentencing, investigating the case’s evidence and facts, questioning witnesses for the prosecution, objecting to illegitimate evidence and questions, and presentation of legal defenses

Standards to Which Criminal Defense Lawyers are Held

Many US courts have interpreted the rights given in the Sixth Amendment as guaranteeing the criminal defendant’s right to effective legal counsel. It does not matter if a lawyer is hired by the government or by the suspect. However, poor strategy and questionable decisions made by a lawyer, and even serious mistakes, usually do not cause a prior conviction to be overturned unless it is obvious that the lawyer’s incompetence affected the case’s outcome.

The US Constitution guarantees citizens many rights, and one of the most important constitutional protections is the right to legal counsel. Those who cannot afford to hire a DUI Defense Lawyer on their own will receive help from a public defender appointed by the government. Defense lawyers such as Eric L. Risk P.C. Attorney at Law are there to protect the client’s legal rights and to help them form a strategy to reduce or eliminate charges. By hiring a lawyer, a client can ensure that their rights are protected. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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