The Benefits of Looking into Dental Sealants for Kids

When maintaining your child’s oral health, it never hurts to talk to their dentist about dental sealants. Dental sealants are thin protective coatings that are painted on the chewing surface of your child’s back teeth. Are you planning to schedule a dentist appointment for your child? Here are three benefits of looking into dental sealants for kids in Eastvale.

Easy Application

Applying dental sealants is a quick and painless procedure, so you and your child can walk into the appointment without any worries. The teeth are cleaned and prepared using a mild solution. Next, the sealant is applied to the teeth and allowed to harden for two minutes. Once it has hardened, the application of dental sealants is over.

Prevents Cavities

When you look into dental sealants for kids, you are looking into a way to prevent cavities at a young age. The sealants are applied to the grooves of the molars, which makes it harder for food to stick to the teeth. This keeps bacteria and plaque from building up and causing cavities.

Long-Lasting Solution

If you encourage good oral hygiene, your child’s dental sealants can last for up to 10 years. This means your child’s teeth are protected during the years cavities are most likely to form. However, it is important to have the sealants examined regularly to ensure they have not fallen out.

When you are ready to look into dental sealants for kids in Eastvale, consider Kids Dental Specialists. You can schedule an appointment with a warm, reliable dentist at

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