The Ultimate Sales Resource 11 Tips, Tactics And Tools To Close More Business

If you are working as the business development head or regional sales manager in a reputed organization, you will always try to do something new and innovative to boost sales and revenue for your enterprise. From hiring well qualified and hard working marketing executives to systematically investing in advertising and sales promotion, you would do it all. But, still at the end of the financial year, it is often found that your market rivals are well ahead in terms of growth and yearly revenue. Why is this so? Aren’t you ensuring optimal usage of your available resources? Yes, you are for sure. But nevertheless, something is still missing!


When you face such situations, and are ready to go above and beyond, and somehow drive sales for your concern, some simple tips and tricks can help you out. Here are the ultimate sales resource 11 tips, tactics and tools to close more business:


1.       Know your market inside out – in order to launch an effective sales promotion technique, you must possess thorough knowledge about your immediate market, target customers, competitors, and so forth. Without these details you cannot formulate a sales strategy that would boost the yearly revenues for your concern.

2.       Be empathetic towards your consumers – even the big and powerful corporate establishments fail to do this. You must carefully listen to your customers, otherwise you would never know what they really want.

3.       Always tell the truth to your buyers – do not keep your customers in dark when it comes to the quality of your services and products. This would simply damage your reputation.

4.       Don’t try to knock your competitors – doing this you would only waste your time and resources. It’s better that you concentrate on your own performance.

5.       Live up to your promises – do not make false promises. Fulfill your commitments with utmost professionalism and your goodwill will grow fast.

6.       Do not forget your old clients – it’s these people who trusted you and helped you reach where you are today. So, you must be grateful to your old customers and appreciate their patronage.

7.       Be flexible in your approach – do not keep following ineffective marketing techniques just because they are traditional. You must be flexible and adopt newer methods of sales promotion, if the same suits you.

8.       Allocate your available resources wisely – do not engage all your available resources in sales and marketing activities. This would hamper production. You must be careful when you allocate your resources.

9.       Offer free trials to your customers – this is a good way of winning the trust of your target group of consumers. This way, you can easily increase you clientèle.

10.   Set up 24×7 customer support facility – this way, your customers can reach you whenever they want. This would increase their trust in you and your services.

11.   Fix a specific goal – do not try to achieve several milestones at the same point of time. Aim for a particular goal, and go for the other only when the former is achieved.



Doug Dvorak and Michael Breen are professional sales training speakers offering sales skills training , sales management training and motivation programs that your sales force will enjoy.

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