Getting High with Spice Smoke Shop

Offering premium quality herbal incenses and herbal smoking blends, Spice smoke shops today present the perfect legal alternative to smoking cannabis. The Spice line of legal herbal products is available in a wide variety of spice blends and incenses, ranging in aroma from blueberry and strawberry to mango. In market since 2004, these Spice smoke shops have proved to be quite popular in the United States among people looking for a legal high. The products available in these smoke shops produce delightful euphoric effects, enhance personal insight and even increase creativity. Here in this article we will look at some of the most popular products on offer at these smoke shops.


Spice Smoke Shop: Why Use Herbal Spice Products

Here are some of the major benefits of using herbal Spice products available at Spice smoke shops.


  • The high produced by herbal Spice products lasts quite long, for about four to eight hours.


  • These herbal Spice blends and incenses have a strong soothing as well as relaxing effect on the body and uplift the mood without any adverse side effects such as headaches.


  • In spite of its powerful effects, the high produced by herbal Spice incenses and blends is not overwhelmingly heady.


  • These products are available in high quality re-sealable packs which ensure that the Spice blend stays fresh longer.


  • These herbal Spice blends are the best option for people who have just given up smoking. The harmful negative health effects of nicotine is replaced by the strong flavors of spices and herbs such as mint, sagebrush, lemon balm, salvia sages and mugwort.


Spice Smoke Shop: Popular Spice Products

Here are some of the popular herbal Spice products available at Spice smoke shops.


Spice Gold: Made from legal herbs, the high produced by Spice Gold on an average lasts for a period of around four to eight hours. The high produced is quite intense and has a relaxing as well as a bit numbing effect. You will reach the peak of the high within 20 to 30 minutes. Spice Gold is known to greatly enhance music appreciation capabilities as well as induce euphoria.


Spice Tropical Synergy: The consistency of this Spice blend is less fluffy and more on the leafier side. The herbal ingredients in Tropical Synergy allow it to burn longer. The high produced by Spice Tropical Synergy builds up gradually and you reach the peak in around 30 to 40 minutes. The high lasts for around five hours. The high is also more euphoric and a bit mellow.




Description: The products available in Spice smoke shop produce delightful euphoric effects and enhance personal insight.  Online Spice smoke shops can provide you with high quality herbal Spice incenses.

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