Three Reasons Rockville Residents Need A Bankruptcy Attorney

When deciding whether or not to use a bankruptcy attorney in Rockville residents should consider three important facts. While many people believe that hiring a bankruptcy attorney is too expensive and they can do it on their own, they are mistaken. Attorneys have the experience and law expertise to guarantee their clients lose as little as possible in creditor negotiations. Individuals filing for bankruptcy have two options, chapter 7 or chapter 11, and only a bankruptcy attorney can advise which is best for each individual’s circumstance.

Worth The Money Every Time

Someone considering bankruptcy obviously are in financial distress and looking for ways to cut back on spending. Many think that hiring a bankruptcy attorney is an extravagance they can’t afford. While it may cost money up front it will probably save quite a bit in the long run. Bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience helping Rockville individuals save the most money and assets when filing bankruptcy. They understand creditors and keep a careful watch for ones claiming more from their clients than is really due. They also know the proper way to file complex bankruptcy forms getting the job done quickly and efficiency.

Explaining Bankruptcy Options

For individuals filing for bankruptcy there are two options, chapter 7 and chapter 11. The primary difference the two are a person’s ability to pay back their debts. If one has a stable income they can avoid losing their home and vehicles by filing chapter 11 which restructures their debt creating a new repayment plan. The plans usually last three to five years. During that time interest stops accruing and creditors stop harassing. Chapter 7 eliminates most debt held by an individual but creditors repossess assets. This option is generally recommended only for Rockville residents who have no means of paying back their debt. Only a bankruptcy attorney can advice which is best to choose.

Credit Counseling And Advice

Before ever filing for bankruptcy those in financial trouble should receive quality credit counseling. Often with budgeting and negotiating with creditors the individual is able to avoid bankruptcy all together. Credit counseling also teaches money management skills crucial to ongoing financial health. By first contacting a bankruptcy attorney before filing for bankruptcy individuals can be counseled and all other options explored before filing.

Although it does go against logic to recommend someone with money trouble hire a lawyer it is the best choice. Bankruptcy attorneys know the system and the tricks some creditors may pull. They protect their clients’ best interests and work hard to rectify money problems without filing for bankruptcy. If bankruptcy is the only option they have the knowledge to navigate the system quickly and effectively. Before dismissing the help of a bankruptcy attorney Rockville residents should seriously consider all the benefits one can offer.



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