Tips on Server Repair and Maintenance

If you have a server, it’s possibly the most important machine in your entire office. There are many types of such machines, however, small businesses usually use them mostly to store sensitive or crucial data. Servers make it easy for people in the network to access the data and other resources from a central location. So it’s easy to imagine how important it is for the smooth functioning of the office and how disturbing and dangerous it is when it breaks down.  Here we have presented a list of essential tips on server repair and maintenance which we hope will help ensure your server does not crash and burn at the worst possible moment

  1. Create a maintenance schedule: Scheduled breaks are better than unscheduled breaks. Instead of attending to your server only when it breaks down, make it a point to create a regular maintenance calendar and then stick to it. This way, you will be able to schedule maintenance when it is least disruptive.
  2. Create regular backups: Ideally, you should have two servers, one regular for your everyday work, and one for backup. The backup machine can be less powerful than its sibling, however, at a pinch, it will tide you over. If it is impossible for you to create a backup server, at least back up all your data in a separate location directly so you don’t lose it in the event of an accident.
  3. Use passwords and anti-virus: Your server must be the most secure computer system in the entire office. To that end,you should password protect your servers and then change the passwords regularly (e.g. once a week), if you want to stay safe. Similarly, you should invest in a premium anti-virus software package and then make sure updates are downloaded as soon as they come out.
  4. Hire professionals for your server repair needs: Your server is far more delicate and complicated than an average home computer, and only a professional should conduct repairs. Unless you have an experienced IT team internally, you should always call in experienced people when you need this kind of service.

While maintenance is easy with a bit of proper planning and foresight, you should never depend on anyone except a seasoned professionals to do your server repairs. Mission Viejo, CA is chock full of such service providers and it goes without saying that they are not all the same. Some are good, some are not so good and some would make you wish they never existed. So look around, do your research, ask the right people and only when you are completely satisfied about a company should you allow them to perform your server repairs.



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