Tying the Knot Outdoors

Tying the knot in a gorgeous wedding venue can be an incredible experience for any couple. It can be particularly exhilarating to tie the knot in a wedding venue that has a picturesque outdoor setting. If you’re on the lookout for all of the finest Lake Geneva outdoor wedding venues right now, then you’re totally in luck. That’s because Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva is a choice that’s accessible to you. Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva is a widely known wedding venue that has managed the requirements of countless elated couples in recent times. We’re more than just a wedding venue as well. That’s because we’re also a golf course club that has catered to countless sports enthusiasts in the region.

Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva and Wedding Choices

The event planners who work for Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva are some of the most detail-oriented and thoughtful professionals in the business. They can guide the way for couples who are preparing for weddings that are smooth and memorable. Couples can choose to tie the knot inside of the Clubhouse banquet center. This room can hold upward of 200 individuals at a time. They can choose to tie the knot inside of the tent by the picturesque lake as well. This tent can hold many guests simultaneously, too. Our event planners work closely alongside our clients in order to create wedding journeys that are seamless in every way. They assist them with all of the vital elements. These elements are interior design, catering and beyond.

Call the Team at Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva

If you’re searching for the greatest Lake Geneva outdoor wedding venues, we want to hear from you here at Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva. Call us for a tour.

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