Why Wisdom Teeth?

Like getting your driver’s license or graduating from high school, wisdom tooth extraction near Plano is a rite of passage most people go through. But have you ever wondered why? If wisdom teeth do nothing but cause problems, why do we have them at all? Scientists believe wisdom teeth are leftovers from the evolutionary process and that one day humans might lose them altogether.

Vestigial Organs

Vestigial organs are parts of the body that our evolutionary ancestors used but we don’t. Body parts like the appendix and tail bone fall into this category. So do the wisdom teeth. Millions of years ago, early humans ate raw meat, roots, nuts and plant leaves to survive. They had no way of cooking or softening the foods they ate, and they certainly didn’t have access to quality dental care. Instead, they developed large jaws and a third molar. These third molars, known today as the wisdom teeth, helped your ancestors chew these tough foods. The teeth didn’t come until late in the teen years, however, and often replaced missing molars that decayed earlier in life. If you are in need for wisdom tooth extraction near Plano, we have the professional for you.

Modern Teeth

Unlike our ancestors, today we cook our food and use utensils to cut it into manageable bite-sized pieces. After doing so for centuries, the human body adapted and jawbones became smaller. Unfortunately, evolution hasn’t yet eliminated the wisdom teeth. When the wisdom teeth come in today, they do so in smaller mouths that usually still contain all of their original molars. This sometimes results in the crowding and movement of the other teeth. At other times, the existing teeth hold their ground and stop the wisdom teeth from coming in all the way, leaving open gums prone to infection.

Some lucky people either lack wisdom teeth or don’t have any problems when they come in. Eighty-five percent of the population, however, will need to look for wisdom tooth extraction professionals. If you’re one of them, Lone Star Dental Care stands ready to help you.

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