Types of Baby Shower Cards


Did you know that in ancient times, the new mother was not invited to the celebration of the birth of a child! Yet the celebration was as lavish, with blessings and gifts being showered for the new mother as the baby. It was only in the 19th century when women started hosting tea parties for the mother-to-be. Pregnancy is celebrated by many cultures across the globe. Organizing fun games, sending impressive invitations or preparing thoughtful thank you notes are among the basic considerations for a hostess. Customized baby shower cards mark the beginning of the celebration.
Baby Shower Cards to Choose From

Here are some baby shower cards that retailers customize to help the hostess make the party an unforgettable event:

  • Invitations

Send your guests an invitation they just cannot refuse! Retailers have started to offer highly customized invitations for celebration parties to welcome a newborn or for a to-be-born baby. You can choose invitations that have cool cartoon characters or cute monkey graphics printed on them. Don’t forget to mention RSVP details. Make sure you send these two-to-four weeks before the gathering, so that your guests have sufficient time to plan their presence at the occasion.

  • Game Cards

As a host, you should carefully plan the games to be included in the celebration. Make sure that you do not include games that are not suitable for an expecting mother to play or that cannot be played around a newborn baby. Some of the fun games that you can play with baby shower cards are:

  • Cards to convery advice or best wishes: You may ask the guests to write down advice or convey their wishes. Once everyone is done writing, the hostess can collect these and read out aloud. This game triggers conversation and is ideal to break the ice among unfamiliar guests.


  • Funny story about: The host may ask the guests to write a funny story related to their childhood or about the new mother. Again these cards can be read aloud during the event and be treasured by the new mom for many years to come.


  • Thank You Cards

You can give out little notes thanking the guests for attending the party. You can even give away favors along with customized baby shower cards.

To ensure that you are offered the latest patterns and expert customization, choose an established retailer of baby shower cards.

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