Things to Do after Purchasing Universal Studios Tickets

According to Amusement Business, Universal Studios Orlando was the top theme park destination after Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 2003. Universal studios received a total of 6.8 million visitors in 2003 alone. Statistics suggest that the number has only been rising, with the number of visitors increasing over the years. With such increasing numbers, how does one make sure a safe and enjoyable journey for one’s family? Well, the first tip, of course, is to buy your Universal Studios tickets from reputable ticketing agencies online. Buying online saves you money as well as eliminates the hassle of standing in long queues.

Things to Do after Purchasing Universal Studios Tickets Online

If you have already bought your Universal Studios tickets, here are some tips to ensure an enjoyable and fun-filled vacation:

  • If you or anyone in your group has special needs, you must contact the theme park at least two weeks in advance. This will help them make the special arrangements in time.
  • There are some essentials you must pack in your luggage, such as comfortable shoes, quick-drying or extra pair of clothes, bathing suit (for children), sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, spectacles case, warm clothes, umbrella, raincoat and some motion-sickness remedies. Quick-drying clothes will dry quickly in case you opt for rides that drench. Bathing suits can be worn by children before they go to the splash zone; else, they can come back and change their clothes. Warmer clothes are for the evenings, when the weather gets chilly fast, even in the summer. If you do not want to lug your belongings through the theme park, leave it in your car or rent a locker at the park entrance.
  • Measure you children’s height before you go, so that they know which rides they can go on and which they cannot.
  • Before you hail a taxi, enquire at the hotel whether they provide shuttle services to the theme park.
  • Make sure that you do not carry food, except baby food, fruit and water, inside the theme park. Bags are usually inspected at the entrance.
  • Self-serve machines are a good way to buy Universal Studios tickets, without having to stand the queue.
  • To watch live filming of movies, you can book at the Audiences Unlimited booth.
  • Finally, it is important to plan and communicate to everyone in the group where to meet in case one is lost. Parents can give their phone numbers to kids so that they can ask someone to call you in case they get lost.

With these tips and your discount Universal Studios tickets, you enjoy cost savings, safety and enjoyment at your favorite theme park. To get Universal Studios tickets at discount prices, you must contact reputable theme park ticketing agencies in Orlando

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