Types of Decorations for Bone China Crockery

When selecting bone china crockery, the pattern on the crockery will be one of the most important things to consider. It is the decoration on the crockery that draws attention to the crockery. It is therefore important to choose a crockery decoration that suits your taste.

Before you go out to select bone china crockery, you ought to know that there are three main types of decorations that are used for the crockery. The type of decoration you choose will depend on the manufacturer and the age of the crockery.

The first type of decorations is those that are hand painted. These were the most common types of decorations for ancient china pieces. This type of decoration requires the artist to paint each individual piece by hand. You can easily identify bone china crockery that has been hand painted. There will be raised surfaces on the piece. You can also look for brush strokes using a magnifying glass.

Hand painted pieces are more expensive than pieces with other types of decorations. This is because of the time, amount of labor, and level of skill involved in the decorations. Decorating a single piece using hand painting takes much longer than using other techniques. The hand painted decorations also give the pieces a personal touch. Each piece is unique. There are no two pieces that are alike. It is therefore understandable that a manufacturer would request for more on hand painted pieces.

The second type of decoration is the hand decorated bone china crockery. This also involves individual artists working on individual pieces. However, there is no painting involved. Instead, a stencil that is commercially produced is applied to the piece. The time, labor, and skill involved in the production of these pieces are much less than that of producing a hand painted piece. The artist only needs to add color to the stencil to create a design.

The quality of the products produced by hand decoration differs. Higher quality products require greater attention to detail. These products are made with greater care. When purchasing bone china crockery that has been made using hand decoration, you should pay attention to the details. If you are searching for a higher quality item, ensure that care has gone into the decoration of the item.

The last type of decoration involves the use of transfer ware. This method of decoration also involves the use of a stencil. It is a method used to decorate a large number of crockery pieces in the shortest time possible. You can identify these pieces using a magnifying glass. You will notice millions of tiny dots that make up the pattern. This method is the least expensive and least labor intensive. These pieces are therefore more affordable.

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