Halloween Party Decorations with Chocolate Candy Favors

Jack o’ Lanterns, bonfire and candles are commonly used for Halloween decorations, however if you are expecting children at the party, then these set-ups can be far more dangerous and scary than people dressed as ghosts and ghouls! Since average candy sales amount to $2 billion in the US on Halloween, according to Halloween Web, you can use chocolate candy favors for the decorations. While children and adults would love to binge on the delightful gourmet treats, you can host a carefree party, knowing that all your decorations are safe for children.

Decoration Ideas with Chocolate Candy Favors

Here are some simple yet effective suggestions to decorate your Halloween party venue with chocolate candy favors customized according to the theme:

Glowing jack o’ lanterns

Use gold foiled chocolate candy favors to fill papier-mâché pumpkins to the brim. Throw bulb light from both sides, directed towards the pumpkin to create a Jack o’ lantern. When the pumpkins glow, they create quite a haunting display. You can place these on the side tables where with battery bulbs attached at the back. You can also use papier-mâché skulls for the additional haunting effect at the party.

Halloween tree

Use a painted withered tree to hang little treat bags on the branches for the guests. You can craft different shapes out of black and orange paper and paint eyes and mouths to make those look like pumpkins and cats. Fill these paper bags with chocolate candy favors for guests to take home.

Glasses with candies

Take wine and beer glasses to fill with gourmet treats and garnish with pseudo cobwebs, spiders and other insects to delight the ghosts and witches at the party. Place these within the reach of children so that they do not hurt themselves while reaching the glasses. Put a dramatic notes, like ‘Beware of the midnight hour’ or ‘Your soul is captivated’ to feed the eerie. Ask the retailer to customize the treats with imprinted bats, ghosts, spiders, bats and spooky one-liners.

Bats and balloons

Buy helium balloons in black and orange to keep up with the theme of
Halloween and attach tiny pouches containing chocolate candy favors with balloon strings. You can alter the length of the strings according to your choice. You can also buy bat-shaped black balloons to serve the dark souls at the party. Allow the guests to take the balloons along with the treat pouches as they go home.

While the aforementioned decorations ideas are spooky enough to celebrate Halloween, they are simple and safe enough to be used even around children. Choose an experienced retailer that offers customized treats at affordable prices.

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