Ways To Prevent Problems With Your Sewer Joliet, IL

Flooding can cause a number of problems for your sewer Joliet IL. But there are things you can do to prevent sewer problems from happening in the first place. Here are a few tips to get the flooding under control and prevent sewage back ups.

First, flush toilets only when it is necessary. Take sponge baths instead of showers or tub baths.. Try to use antibacterial towelettes to clean your hands instead of using running water. It’s also best to use disposable plates and cups so you do not have to run your dishwasher as often. Take your clothes to a laundromat instead of using your washer at home.

In general, you should avoid discharging water into floor drains. And check for leaky faucets or water pipes. When the water level is high, or your sewer Joliet IL is threatened by flooding, you run the risk that sewage will back up into your home and that will not be a pleasant experience. You can save yourself a lot of time, stress and money just by following these simple tips.

If a back up does happen, there are ways you can keep the damage to a minimum. These include removing all drain covers and use mechanical metal grip plugs to seal the drains and prevent sewage from entering the home. Do this for the toilets, bathtub drains and shower drains. You can get metal grip plugs and any plumbing or hardware store.

After flooding occurs, check to see if your septic tanks, drop boxes or distribution boxes have been under water. If they have, be sure to pump out all the solids and liquids before using the system again.

Sometimes, problems with your sewer Joliet IL can be caused by other things besides flooding. Some sewer problems are caused by having things go down the pipes that should not go down them. This includes cooking grease and oil. Pour them into a carton or can instead and let them harden in the refrigerator. Also, don’t put paper products down the drain such as towelettes, napkins or diapers. Kitchen solids can also cause plumbing problems. When you put them down the disposal, they may not break down like they should therefore causing clogging in your drain pipes.

Repairs to your sewer Joliet IL can be costly so be sure to do all you can to prevent the flooding, clogging and sewage backups in the first place.



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