When Is a Home Not a “Home”? When It’s an Elder Care Facility

As of 2019, 85 years was the projected life expectancy of an American. That’s just government numbers though; we all had an Aunt Susan who lived to 98, and Grandma was right behind her at 101. However, the official number of people who will need elderly care in San Antonio, TX ,and services like it by 2050 will be 27 million.

An Unclear Term

“Senior living,” “assisted living,” and “elder care” are all terms deliberately soothing to seniors. Back in the day, the idea of being put in a “home” upset seniors dreadfully. It was the harm done to their health and bodies when they wouldn’t leave their homes that forced a change almost overnight.

Today’s elderly care in San Antonio, TX, offer seniors their own apartments furnished with their own belongings, pictures, and art works. They can even bring the dog or cat. They may drive themselves to the doctor, the pharmacy, grocery shopping, shoe shopping, to the movies, or to walk in the park.

The only time someone will come around is if the senior needs help getting a bottle cap off, can’t open a jar, or needs help pushing the vacuum. No one will intrude if you don’t wish. This is living on your terms, just as it would be in your own home. The only difference is help when and only when you ask for it.

Now that you understand what elderly care facilities are all about, please contact or visit the website, and we’ll tell you more about it.

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