Where to Go for Fast & Reliable Professional Bed Bug Removal in Detroit, MI

Bed bugs are enough to cause anyone some stress. These small and translucent apple-seed-sized parasites are so minute that they are hard to spot until the infestation problem has gotten worse. Learn where to call for fast and always reliable professional bed bug removal in Detroit, MI.

Will Keeping the Lights on All Night Keep Bed Bugs Away?

There are many myths about bed bugs that seem to make their rounds in communities that are having a bed bug issue. No, leaving the lights on will have no effect on the bugs. This is because the insects are wired to feed when they detect a certain hormonal change in their host human that gives off an odor these small pests sense. So, the bugs will just wait until the person falls asleep eventually from exhaustion.

Will Putting Items Into Plastic Bags Kill Bed Bugs?

After treatment for bed bug removal that a Detroit, MI, pest control company offers, put clean clothing and other material items into closed and sealed tight plastic bags provided that there is no reason to believe that those items are infested.

It is also wise to place dirty clothing and bedding into a sealed plastic bag before carrying it into the laundry area. Do not leave these items to sit. Transfer them carefully into your washing machine and wash at the hottest temperature and dry on high heat if able. Immediately discard used bags outside in the trash bin.

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