Which car to choose at your Chevrolet Dealer

Chevrolet has been one of Corporate America’s resilient success stories. With its impressive range of vehicles ranging from sports cars to utility vans, Chevrolet has made cars for every class of Americans for a century. Founder William C. Durant was unceremoniously ousted from General Motors in the early 1900s. In 1911, he joined up with Swiss-born racing car enthusiast Louis Chevrolet to establish the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. The company’s first model was the Classic Six that was introduced in 1912. By 1918, Durant had made enough profits from Chevrolet to buy back majority share holding of GM. Chevy then became a division of the parent company GM and its largest division by the 1920s. Throughout its long and tumultuous history, the company has produced some outstanding models with iconic design features. However, it remained committed to producing affordable coupes, sedans and pickup trucks for middle class American families, farmers and businessmen. It was among the first companies to offer luxury features at economic prices. Power windows, power brakes and air conditioning were available in a number of models as early as the mid 1950s. Some of the noted success stories at Chevrolet were the Camaro, Bel Air, Impala and Silverado. A recent trend setter has been the Chevrolet Volt, an extended-range hybrid sedan that has accumulated many awards and accolades in 2011 for its aerodynamic design, features, fuel efficiency and safety features. In the truck division the Silverado pickup van has been a public favorite for many years and continues to receive awards in excellence and popularity. When you visit your Chevrolet dealer you can expect a wide range of models that cater to every taste and budget. Buying cars has become a breeze nowadays. There’s no need to visit your Chevrolet dealer repeatedly, visit their online inventories instead. Online shopping divisions enable the car buyer to choose their vehicle faster without spending time scouting the dealerships for best prices. Internet divisions have sales staff devoted to attending to your queries and demands. Get free quotes and compare pricing and conditions. Once you have decided on the model, determine how you will finance it. Compare the offer from your Chevrolet dealer with offers from banks and credit unions to get the best financing deal for you. Only when you have arrived at a satisfactory deal do you need to test drive the car at your Chevrolet dealer. San Antonio residents can choose from a wide range of models, both new and pre-owned at their local dealerships.

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