Why Are Intelligent PDU Units Used Intensively?

Everyone brags about how their company adopted a green policy and improved their power consumption. The truth is that all these efforts are mainly done to reduce costs and intelligent PDU systems are now present in all major data centers.

Managing energy consumption in a data center might not have been a major concern a few years ago. Competition is one major factor that forced these providers to reduce their costs as prices tend to drop when there are multiple companies competing for the same market. At the same time, a lot of companies have their own private cloud. For them, the same need to reduce costs applies. One of the first and most accessible means of cutting down the maintenance bills for the data center is to monitor power consumption and optimize distribution.

This type of optimized power grids opened doors for a new type of business. Clients can now pay only for what they use. Most cloud based data centers offer scalable servers and each user will pay only for the bandwidth, server load and disk space they use.

PDU units came in to grant more control on how resources are allocated based on their load with the air of remote monitoring. These pieces of equipment come with dedicated software that can be used to keep a close eye on all the equipment that is connected to the power grid. This can be done at a per asset level, per rack or per facility. Using reports and graphic trends, the administrators can determine which nodes are used more and which ones have more idle systems. This holistic view of the entire infrastructure can also be used to identify potential improvements to the setup. These opportunities can act as bridges that facilitate the cooperation between facility and IT managers.

More advanced PDU solutions can be setup to send automatic messages to designated users, informing them when specific power events take place. This feature opens more doors for cost reduction such as less effective people onsite to monitor the network and more on-call administrators. Intelligent PDU can act as genuine cost reduction equipment and even if they require an initial investment, the savings on the maintenance bills will not go unnoticed.

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