Why DIY Auto Repair Is a Bad Idea

Recently, a car owner allowed a neighbor to make repairs to the driver’s side wheel bearing on his auto. The end result: a single-car accident in which the tire ended up ground down to the belts. Luckily, the accident did not involve any other vehicles, but the owner of the vehicle did not feel so lucky. Interestingly enough, the factory repair manual which the owner later purchased to see if the “repair” had caused the accident cautioned against making repairs in the way the neighbor made them.

Unless you are a trained mechanic, doing your own auto repair can often result in this same kind of nightmare. Because many modern cars differ in their repair needs and have computerized systems, technicians must be trained on a multitude of vehicles. Whatever information you gathered tinkering on a car in your garage as a teen will more than likely be insufficient in terms of modern repair work.

Because of the training necessary to work on modern cars, DIY repairs can also open you up to liability should an accident or injury result due to your auto repair work. DIY repairs will inevitably miss something that should have been done or do something in an incorrect fashion. In today’s litigious society, no one needs to increase their chances for a lawsuit, so it is best to leave car repairs to trained professionals. There are those in Henrietta and all throughout New York who would be only too ready to charge you with negligence if they thought they could prove that your DIY skills were not up to snuff.

Because there are so many nuances to working on various cars, it is a full time job just to keep up with the technology. This is why you want a professional mechanic to be the one who works on your car. Most technicians will tell you that no one should be doing any but the simplest of home car repairs anymore. And it’s not because the technicians don’t want to lose money, it is because they know of the training, specialized tools, and computerized diagnostic equipment that is necessary to repair cars properly.

In addition to the dangers to your vehicle and the safety of others, you also want to have your car repaired at a certified auto repair shop so as not to void any warranties. In almost all instances, parts warranties require that your car receive regular service from a licensed technician. If you damage parts as the result of your DIY escapades, the warranties are null and void.

Everyone in Henrietta is looking to save money in the current economy. However, an auto repair is not the place to cut corners. Skip a gourmet coffee this week. Or, eat at home one more night. But, if your auto is in need of repair, let the trained professionals handle it.

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