Do It Yourself Tips For Automobile Repairing In Leesburg VA

Automobile repairing in Leesburg VA can add up to several hundred dollars very easily. But the good news is that there are many auto repair and maintenance tasks that can be done by the car owner. You will need to do some research, follow some guidelines and have the required set of tools. Any repairs you are not sure of should be done by a reputable company that specializes in automobile repairing in Leesburg VA.

The information below will help you on the road of do-it-yourself maintenance and repairs.

Replace your air filter when doing automobile repairing in Leesburg VA

Open the hood of the car to look for the air filter housing. Air filters are usually housed in a plastic case usually black in color that is secured by metal clips. Flip the little metal clips downward. Take the nuts out and place them safely. The filter is circular or rectangular in shape and made of lots of paper surrounded by rubber. Carefully remove the old filter and put it aside. Put the new filter in the same configuration as the old filter was. Press the rubber gasket carefully in the housing. Close the top of the housing if the top doesn’t close, check to see if the filter is upside down or if the rubber gasket is not sitting right.

Oil change when doing automobile repairing in Leesburg VA

It is a straight forward procedure but requires some safety measure and some experience on raising the car on the jack. Once the care is raised high, drain the oil out, take the oil filter out and replace it with a new one and refill the proper amount of oil back. Make sure that there are no oil leaks. You car’s repair manual will have information on the oil change. Be prepared to get greasy and dirty while doing an oil change. Take the old oil parts to the repair shop for recycling. You also need to be careful that the oil change process doesn’t ruin the engine. The refilled oil should not be too little or too much.

NOTE of caution: the car must be supported by the jack as well as drive-on ramps. Using only a jack can be a potential safety hazard.

Changing wiper blades and burned out bulbs when doing automobile repairing in Leesburg VA

Changing wiper is a straightforward quick job that you can do it yourself. You should be able to push a lever and pull-off the blade or take out the small fastener if your car uses a fastener for wipers. Slid the new wiper in its place and make sure it get locked firmly or else you risk wipers falling off when operational. You also have the option of just replacing the rubber part that is less expensive.

Changing bulbs is quite easy but you will need to go through instructions if you have not done this before. Unscrew the cover from headlights and change the bulbs as per the instructions.

Do-It-yourself automobile repairing Leesburg VA can save you on the repair cost. Make sure to discuss the steps with your auto service center. For more information go to , you can also check their BBB ratings for more information.

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