Seattle Heel Pain to Address Common Cause of the Pain


Any pain that you feel on your heel might be a simple pain that is easy to treat or it can be a sign of much bigger problem that need immediate attention from a professional foot doctor. There are different causes of heel pain that you need to know and every person needs to be aware of it in order to avoid further damage. Once you feel any pain in your feel, then you can immediately seek help from Seattle Heel Pain specialist.

Plantar Fascilitis- it is a heel condition wherein the bottom of the foot is inflamed and this condition can be caused by old age, excessive running, high arches, Achilles tendon problems, flat feet, and sometimes obesity. The pain that you feel might be temporary especially if you will take NSAIDS drugs. For worst cases, it is administered with steroids such as Dexamethasone to ease the pain.

Achilles Tendinitis- this condition is developed when the large tendon that is connected to the calf muscle of a person is inflamed. This feet condition can be caused by a shoe those wearing shoes that lack shock absorption as well as inadequate stability. Other causes are frequent running on concrete, turning of the heel, lack of flexibility and tightness of the calf muscles. In order for one to avoid experiencing this pain, patients are advice to always wear comfortable shoes that can offer proper cushioning to their feet and arch support. It is also important to do a warm up as well as cool down whenever you do any strenuous exercise.

Calcaneal spur- this is a heel condition wherein a bony tissue was formed in the calceneous bone of the heel. The pain can be triggered when you experience intense pressure from the sinew of the soles of your feet. If you want to prevent this type of pain, then you need to do warm up exercises such as stretching right before you engage in any sport or long hours of exercises. If you want to jog every day for your daily exercise routine, then it is better if you will run every day then to run for a very long distance in one day.

Osteochondritis- once you experienced this condition, then the bone or cartilage of your joint is inflamed. This is a common or major heel pain caused by growth disturbances or an injury. This condition can give you stiffness, locking of joints, joint pains, and limited movement. You have to know that there is no particular medical cure for this condition. You can undergo arthroscopic surgery because this is the common treatment given by doctors to remove the loose cartilage or bone tissue from the joint.

These heel pains are very uncomfortable so you need to seek immediate help from foot doctor in order to address the pain immediately and do necessary treatment. If you are looking for a doctor that can address your heel pain then Seattle Heel Pain can help you if you will visit their website at

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