3 Simple Ways That an Emergency Dentist For Kids Makes a Difference

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Dentist

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. All it takes is a quick fall, some type of slip, or anything that results in a direct hit to the mouth. Children have the potential to be involved in this type of accident as much as adults. Should this kind of event occur, access to an emergency dentist for kids Chino will make a difference. Here are some examples of how that dental expert will do so.

One way is providing practical advice about what to do immediately. Dentists who offer services in emergency situations can provide quick instructions of things to do even as the child and an adult are getting ready to head to the dental clinic. This may include applying cold to help ease swelling, applying something to staunch the blood, and possibly taking steps to protect a tooth that was knocked out.

Another has to do with helping calm the child. That begins on the phone in the form of helping the child understand that things can be done to ease the pain and promote healing. Once at the clinic, the dentist can offer further reassurances that help the child to relax and be less fearful.

Last, quick action by an emergency dentist for kids Chino can reduce the risk of any permanent issues resulting from the accident. Emergency dentists can often ensure a dislodged tooth settles back into the socket, deal with any cuts or rips to the gums, and in general ensure that the healing is complete. Even if a permanent tooth cannot be saved, the dentist will know what can be done to ensure the smile still looks great.

If your child sustains dental injuries, call the dentist immediately. Quick action now increases the odds of a full recovery.

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