4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Student Housing in Knoxville

by | Jul 8, 2024 | student Housing Center

Investing in student housing in Knoxville can provide higher returns than conventional real estate. With many tenants occupying a single-house unit, rental income per square foot can be maximized, resulting in increased cash flow and possible profitability. The following are top reasons why you should invest in student housing.

1. Geographical Diversification

Investing in student housing along various academic institutions and regions can diversify an investment portfolio geographically, minimizing threats connected to localized market functions. In addition, purpose-built student housing benefits from proximity to the long-standing economic anchor of the university. This makes student housing less susceptible to variances in job markets and employment trends than traditional multifamily asserts.

2. Close Proximity to University

Student housing properties are usually located close to colleges or universities. Hence, real estate firms can charge a premium for the convenience and proximity to campus. Students are frequently willing to pay a higher rent to live closer to their academic institutions, which can result in increased rental income and possibly higher returns.

3. Resilience in Economic Downturns

Investing in student housing allows for long-term investment opportunities. As colleges, universities and academic institutions normally have long-term growth prospects coupled with a longstanding purpose-built housing supply shortage, the demand for student housing remains comparatively stable. These features can offer a measure of protection in times of economic uncertainty.

4. Parental Guarantor

Guardians and parents co-sign leases for student housing, providing property owners an additional layer of economic security. This parental guarantee can minimize default threats and offer more peace of mind for investors.

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