A Reasonable Amount for Bail

No judge or court system wants to see a serious offender back out on the street after being accused of a crime.  There are times when a judge may have a prejudice against certain criminals.  If a judge has ever been the victim of a crime, they may feel more strongly regarding that crime.  For example if a judge has had a family member or friend die at the hands of a drunk driver, they may be less lenient when it comes to the amount for bail bonds in Reno OK.

The practice of a judge requiring an unusually high amount for bail is not only illegal but it is unethical on the part of the judge.  Regardless of the judge’s past and their own ideas, they must be objective with their decision and do what is in the best interest of the public and the person of which they are judging.  The purpose of bail bonds in Reno OK is just to ensure that the accused will return to court for their own hearing.  It is not meant to punish the accused or make their family experience financial hardship by posting bail for them.
Sometimes the accused will the primary breadwinner in the family so for a judge to require an exorbitant amount of bail is causing the family a financial burden.  Since this is not the purpose of bail money, it should not be allowed.  The bail should be the amount necessary to ensure the accused returns, not the most the law can charge for that amount.

For example, a person accused of a crime who has extensive financial means should not be charged more than someone who does not, just because they appear able to pay.  The judge must also take into consideration the severity of the crime and the risk to public safety.  An accused criminal who has committed this crime in the past will be an obvious threat to society and should be released only on special circumstances or with high bail in El Reno OK. .  When the judge has to make a judgment that is out of the ordinary, it must be able to be documented and explained.  This practice is done so that a judge is held accountable for their actions and does not become a judge fighting their own personal battles using the court of law in which they practice.  A judge must remain impartial and objective for what is lawful.

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