Appliance Installations: The Fridge

If you are moving to a new home, or simply buying some new appliances, you might consider installing those appliances on your own.  Putting a refrigerator or another appliance into place does not have to be all that hard.  Here are some tips for appliance installations including the fridge.

First, put the new fridge on pieces of carpet with the pile portion of the carpet down so you can easily slide it into place.  Plug the fridge in when the cord can reach the outlet that is waiting for it.

Second, remove the carpet and then lay a level on top of the fridge to make sure it is sitting straight.  If it isn’t, take the grille off the front of the fridge and tile it back until you can place a wooden block under the edges.  Many fridges come with leveling legs that help you level the corners of the unit by screwing the legs up or down.

Third, once you think the fridge is level, double check your work using the level and make sure the door will shut on its own when it is opened at a 45-degree angle.  If the door will not shut alone, the leveling might not be quite right.

Fourth, if you have an icemaker on your fridge, use the owner’s manual to help you hook it up so that it will be operational.  If you have no icemaker, simply let the fridge run for 4 hours before you put food into it that needs to stay cold.  It is a good idea to put your fridge away from direct sunlight and away from other appliances that create heat like a stove or dishwasher.  You will also want to put the owner’s manual into a plastic bag and tape it to the side of the fridge so you know where to find it when you need it.

It is never a good idea to move a fridge that is sitting on its side or back.  It should always sit upright.  And you never want to use an extension cord to plug your fridge into the wall because electrocution chances are high with an appliance that uses liquids on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about your fridge installation, you might want to hire a company for appliance installations.  If you are moving to a new home, for example, and all of your appliances need to be installed, hiring an appliance installations expert might save you quite a bit of time, effort, and worry.  When you hire someone professional to do your appliances installations, you will know that they are done correctly and if they are not, you will have someone you can call to fix the issues right away.

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