Banishing Shed Rodents: Pest Control Solutions

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Pest Control

When a homeowner discovers mouse droppings inside their garden shed, it becomes essential to take necessary steps to eliminate these rodents from the area. There are various measures that can be implemented to deter mice from infiltrating an outdoor structure. In addition to reaching out to a pest control service, the shed owner can employ these strategies to prevent mice from becoming a nuisance.

Ensure Shed Security

To prevent mice from entering the garden shed, it’s crucial to inspect the siding for cracks or gaps that may serve as entry points. Applying caulk to seal these openings is advisable to fortify the interior. Additionally, ensure that the shed door is securely locked, preventing it from blowing open during adverse weather conditions. If the shed has windows, any gaps around the frames should be sealed with caulk if needed.

Implement Deterrents Around the Shed

Installing deterrents around the shed can discourage mice from approaching the building. Placing decoys such as plastic birds of prey or rubber snakes in visible locations near the shed can help intimidate the rodents in and keep them at a distance. To maximize effectiveness, periodically reposition these decoys to prevent mice from growing accustomed to their presence.

Eliminate Attractants in the Shed Area

To reduce the attractiveness of the shed area to mice, take measures to eliminate potential water sources. Covering small pools, bird baths, and fountains can deny mice access to water when they are thirsty. Any food products stored in the shed should be relocated to the interior of the home. It’s also a good idea to move wood piles out of sight from the shed.

When seeking pest control services, it’s important to choose a reputable provider like Flick Pest Control, particularly one with expertise in addressing mouse infestations.

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