Before the Mover Arrives

by | Sep 8, 2012 | Transport and Freight Forwarding

Hopefully if you’re about to move out you’ve taken care of everything you need to. Before you leave your home in Fort Meyers though there are some things you’ll need to take care of. You want to have certain things arranged or finished before the mover in Ft. Meyers even knocks on your door. The day of the move will be hectic and frantic at times, so you don’t want to rely on your memory then.

First things first make sure you’ve taken care of the utilities electricity should be on at the new house when you get there and you don’t want to keep paying for the place you left. Cable won’t be waiting for you but the sooner you call the earlier you can get it reconnected. Do you know about heat and water? These might seem like obvious questions but it’s important to have addressed them all before your big move.

Second you need to pack, and more importantly pack intelligently. You want every box to be labeled for what room it’s going to. This can save you a vast amount of time, it’s also important to pack by the room it’s going to not the sort of thing it is. That way you can have the movers drop the items off where their final destination is and not have to sort things out after you unpack for their final destination. The other important thing is to not over load the box; you don’t want to have your items break when the mover picks it up and the box breaks. The other reason to watch the weight of the box is because someone will have to pick it up and you don’t want to be responsible for killing the mover.

There is a vast array of other things to take care of, but if you’ve got the utilities covered and have packed your things intelligently you can handle them after you arrive potentially. Be prepared for a day or two of no internet and make sure anything you need to have looked up ahead of time. One thing you might want to take care of is having the number of a good take out restaurant and the location of the nearest grocery store. You might not want to run groceries right after moving in, but you don’t’ want to have to pay to eat meals out constantly. Restocking the kitchen won’t be cheap but getting it done with will make your life much easier. If you take the opportunity to also restock the rest of the house on basic essentials like paper products, cleaning products etc it will get you started down the path to making the new house your home. So if you’re moving into Fort Meyers make sure you know your local options and have everything prepared well before the movers arrive.

If you don’t have all your ducks in a row Smooth Move Moving and Storage company can help you get everything in line for the big move. It’s in your best interest to have a professional mover help you, even if it’s just to save one of the many headaches associated with physically moving the objects. If you’re interested in this family owned and operated company serving the Fort Meyer area they can be found online at or contacted via phone.

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