Benefits Of A Variable Speed Air Handler

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Business


An air handler is essentially a box made of sheet metal with ventilation on each side and a fan to circulate the air. It houses a variety of critical air conditioning unit parts including the evaporator coil the filter and a humidifier. There are a wide variety of air handlers to choose from with different features and efficiency ratings. The type you choose will ultimately depend on the climate you live in, the size of your home as well as your budget. Perhaps one of the most popular features found on air handlers that homeowners are willing to pay a little more for is a variable speed blower. Why? Because of the many benefits that a variable speed blower has to offer. Here are the top four reasons to purchase a variable speed handler.

An air handler with a variable speed blower is more efficient than other modes. They do not cycle on and off continually; rather, they operate at different speeds throughout the day, adjusting automatically based on your cooling demands. This reduces the amount of energy they use and, as a result, reduces your utility bills significantly as well. On average, most variable speed blowers use 80 percent less electricity. Models that have achieved the Energy Star rating exceed the required standards, making them even more energy efficient.

Variable speed blowers also maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your home. Uncomfortable cold spots are eliminated because the unit is continually circulating air. The constant circulation also do a better job at removing humidity from the air during air conditioning season, which contributes to a more comfortable, uniform indoor temperature as well.

Yet another benefit of an air conditioning unit with a variable speed air handler is the quietness. Even the lightest sleepers won’t be disturbed by this type of unit. Variable speed blowers use lower fan speeds than standard blowers, making them much quieter. As mentioned before, variable speed blowers maintain a more consistent temperature. This applies to the ductwork as well and results in less duct noise from expanding and contracting. You won’t hear the unit cycling on and off either.

Your home will also be a healthier, happier place with a variable speed blower. The quality of the indoor air will be better as it is continuously being filtered and circulated. When used in conjunction with a filter designed to reduce allergens, those with respiratory ailments such as asthma will especially notice the difference.

Whether you are building a new home or upgrading the efficiency of your existing air conditioning system, a variable speed air handler is worth serious consideration. Contact a HVAC professional to learn more about the many benefits of a variable speed air handler

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