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by | Dec 23, 2011 | Shopping

Buying online cigars is not just about convenience or price, although these things do make it easier as compared to buying from a tobacco shop. For one thing, buyers can browse an extensive collection of cigar brands, samplers and humidors. Not to mention smoking accessories like cigar cases and cutters, ash trays and lighters.

There’s no way a physical tobacco shop around the corner can maintain such an extensive collection of cigars and accessories from all over the world. Cuban cigars are smoked openly by everyone who can afford it. But will a tobacco shop openly sell authentic Habanos? Not likely, unless you’re a regular customer.

But in an online store, buyers can choose from a whole range of brands and price ranges. This includes everything from high-end Canimao with a 500 year tradition and a reputation of cigars handmade by Cuban master cigar rollers to a medium range Connecticut collection brand or wholesale cigars that come cheap.

For those who do not want to risk buying a new brand, samplers are perfect for “”trying without buying.”” For example, a Pedro Estevez sampler from the Habano collection includes 4 different cigars, assorted between Churchill, Torpedo, Chaiman, Robusto, Petit, Corona, Toro and Corona grande.

Note that most samplers usually include five different cigars. The cigar count in a sampler pack can vary, from 50 for full size samplers to 20 cigars for medium-sized ones and 10 (2 each of every cigar) for a small sampler.

When buying online cigars, another advantage is that buyers can browse and shop for branded humidors. Buying or being gifted a branded humidor is just as important to cigar smokers as is the fragrance and flavor of a fine Cuban. There’s hardly any gift out there that can compare to Daniel Marshall’s magnificent 500 cigar humidor, or even a slim travel humidor.

Cigar cases can be purchased too, from exquisite leather cases to convenient cigar tubes. Then there are cutters, with a choice of scissors, punch cutters and guillotines. Lighters can be purchased by brand, or as a combination lighter-cutter. A wide range of ashtrays are available, from marble and porcelain to metal and crystal, and some with authentic Cuban logos.

Of course, smoking cigars is a more expensive habit than pipes or cigarettes. But buying online cigars provides an advantage on price too. Even the most exclusive and rare brand of Cubans can be bought at a discount using time-limited coupons and free shipping offers that are only available when buying cigars online.

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