Common Causes of Water Damage Farmington MN

by | Apr 18, 2012 | Business

There are various causes for water damage. In each case, it is important to have the damage fixed. The following are the most common reasons for water damage Farmington MN.

One of the most common causes for water damage is a leaking roof. Roofs are not built to last forever. They will give in to wear and tear resulting from exposure to the elements. Roofs wear out, rust, fall, or even break. They require maintenance to ensure that they last long.

Leaks may occur in roofs that are damaged. They may also occur by penetration through chimneys, skylights, fan vents, plumbing vents, as well as where there are joints in the roof that have been compromised.

Water damage Farmington MN can also occur when you are experiencing problems with your waterspout or gutter. The gutter of your home is the long trough that is placed along the bottom of the eaves of the roof to catch water and lead it to a central drainage point. Gutters often get clogged with leaves and other debris from the roof of the house.

When the gutter is clogged, water will collect and overflow in the gutter since there is no outlet flow. The water will flow into the roof. The water will then enter the roof from under the shingles. The gutter may also overflow and cause water to flow over the sides of the wall of the house. This will result in eventual damage to the walls of the house.

The waterspout is the long pipe that leads water away from the gutter and roof to a drain at ground level. If the spouts are blocked or not enough for the roof, the gutters will overflow causing water damage Farmington MN. This is common especially when there are heavy rains.

The downspout may also cause damage to the foundation and walls of the building if the draining point is not far away enough from the wall and foundation. You will find that water leaks into your basement or the foundation of the house are compromised as a result of draining water too close to the wall.

Water damage may also occur in the winter when there is snow. Although not many people think about it, the attic is a very important part of the home when considering saving energy or reducing damage caused by water. Snow falls on roofs during winter. However, if the attic is not insulated or ventilated well enough, the snow will melt into ice having been exposed to the heat radiating from the attic. This may result in the formation of an ice block that will block the flow of water when the snow finally melts. Moisture is forced back through the shingles of the roof.

There are various causes of water damage Farmington MN . It is important to understand the different causes so that you can prevent water damage from occurring.

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