Dangerous Materials That Crime Scene Cleaners in New Jersey Deal With

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Business

Crime scenes are dangerous and dirty places. Once the police are finished with their business, the danger and the dirt are still there, and professional crime scene crews are the next to be called in. But what exactly is so dangerous about crime scenes and crime-scene cleanup? Keep reading to learn some of the hazardous materials that cleaners have to deal with on the job.

Bodily Fluids

Bodily fluids can carry all manner of diseases, so crime scene cleaners in New Jersey must exercise particular care when dealing with them. This is especially true when these fluids dry out. Once dried, bodily fluids can flake off and become small particulates, which are easily inhaled without proper care and equipment.

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

Drugs are some of the most common substances at crime scenes, even ones that aren’t illegal, i.e., prescription drugs. Although many types of these substances are easily contained without too much danger, there are those that can kill with a simple touch, such as fentanyl. Additionally, the implements used to ingest these drugs may also be dangerous, such as needles.


In general, the police will remove all dangerous weapons from a crime scene; however, there are times when they miss a few things. Crime scene cleaners regularly find hidden and overlooked threats during their work. Fortunately, they are trained to handle an array of different arms, from firearms to blades.

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