Details to Help You Prepare for Your Heart Scan in New York

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Medical Center

Whether you’ve had chest pain or other symptoms, you have a family history of heart issues, or you need a routine exam, there are multiple reasons to have a heart scan performed. Here are a few details about the procedure and why it can be beneficial.

The Scan

While undergoing cardiac imaging in New York, you’ll usually be at a hospital or an imaging center that specializes in various types of scans. You could be directed to take medications before the scan so that the doctor can detect various issues that could be present, such as leaking valves. The scan can see details like the valves and the chambers so that proper treatments can begin if there is a problem that is detected.

Common Issues

There are numerous issues that cardiac imaging in New York can aid in diagnosing whether you have had symptoms or not. These include causes of any chest pain or shortness of breath that you’ve had, heart failure, cancer, and congenital defects. A scan is often performed after other tests have been done and haven’t been able to deliver the results that your doctor is seeking or if there are severe issues that could be present that an X-ray or another type of scan can’t detect.


There’s usually nothing that you have to do to prepare for a cardiac scan. You can be given medications to help you relax if you’re nervous or claustrophobic, as you’ll usually be inside an enclosed space during the scan.

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