Drain field repair in Eustis, FL

What A Drain Field Repair Service Does

As the owner of a septic tank system, chances are you also have what is called a drain field and it is important for you to understand what a drain field repair in Eustis, FL does. First you need to know that a drain field works as a secondary sewer water treatment system in your overall septic tank system. It is a bit complicated to describe but basically, the drain field consists of a pipe system that is put into a trench filled with stones and then the trench is covered with sand and a layer of topsoil is placed on top of the sand. The idea is that any extra wastewater that gets out of the pipe is absorbed into the rocks and sand, effectively destroying any bacteria or viruses that may exist within the wastewater.

The drain field is usually located some distance from the house and it can span the width of the house, depending on how it was planned and installed. It is important to make sure that you do not build on top of a drain field because the sand and gravel needs to remain loose so that it can do its job properly and absorb the escaped water. Sometimes, certain trees, such as oak and pine, are planted on drain fields and their roots can interfere with the piping system beneath. When this occurs, the best thing to do is to call a drain field repair in Eustis, FL service to come out and repair the problem.

When the drain field repair in Eustis, FL company comes out to your property, the first thing that they will do is run some tests on the drain field. Before they can start digging, they will need to get a permit from the local health department. When a drain field has stopped working there are only usually two options available. The first option is to simply remove the drain field and replace it with a new one. The second option is to restore the action of the drain field and this can be done by injecting air into the rock and soil.

If the drain field needs to be completely torn out and reinstalled, you will have to have a drain field repair in Eustis, FL company come out and do the work. The company will work with the local health department in plotting a new drain field that will be more effective and less exposed to failures.

Locate a drain field repair Eustis service to take care of your drain field. Trust your drain field repair in Eustis, FL to a trained and licensed repair service.

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